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Business Phone System Moves, Adds, and Changes

Communication Relocations

When businesses grow, move, and hire new employees, changes to the current business phone system need to be reliably executed. As growth occurs, new features and system upgrades are often the first modification to an existing Business Phone System. When additional staff is hired, new lines need to be added to the current system, or call capacity increased. When an organization runs out of office space and either expands at the same location, moves to larger office space or seamlessly connects both an original and new location, the business phone systems needs to grow with the company and a trained professional needs to make the necessary adjustments. In all of these scenarios, these modifications are mission critical, and downtime is not an option. You need a reliable communications partner like Hooper Communications to assess the situation, purchase compatible hardware, configure equipment/software, and handle the necessary changes flawlessly.

Feature Adds and Upgrades

Adding or upgrading an existing business telephone system can give your users the right tools that can assist them in obtaining maximum results when it comes to dealing with customers as efficiently as possible.

Relocating a telephone system can sometimes become a terrifying project due to financial constraints, timelines, potential service interruptions, and more. However working with an experienced team like Hooper Communications, takes the worry out of you adds, upgrades, and move and keeps your business running like a well-oiled machine.

Purchasing a new phone system is usually not an option for most companies looking to move, and changing telephone systems might seem like an impossible task. Quite often the most cost-effective solution is to have the professionals a Hooper Communications assess your current system and make the right moves, adds, and changes to modify the existing system in a way that is compatible with new business needs.

Coordinating Moves with Carriers

Hooper Communications can also take care of all coordination with your telephone carrier for any new services, or change in service you may require. Hooper is experienced in dealing with all of the most popular carriers and will handle any requests you may have and place orders on your behalf.

It is our goal to always assist you with any modifications to your business phone system in the most efficient manner with little to no downtime.


To speak with a business phone system expert and evaluate the options available to you, please contact Hooper Communications at (713) 983-2121

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